by We the Gathered

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released March 5, 2013



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We the Gathered Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Realization
The realization of what we have become is killing me. Men have stared in the face of giants, now hiding behind a shell of what they were. Is this a dream, or has this become our reality? The walls around us begin to crumble. What can we do? (What can we do)

What can I do, to save the steps we've made? What can I do, to save us all?

I know we will, (we will) stand forever
I know we will, (we will) stand forever

(we will stand forever)
(we will stand forever)

But in the end is it all for nothing? The ills of man will be tested. We must rise above what we have become. If we don't fight for ourselves, no one will be there to save us. If we don't fight for ourselves, the progress we have made will be nothing.
Track Name: Setting Suns
You're hollow, passing through the station. Saying that you've found grace but you have lost yourself. When will you learn all the answers change in the time it takes to know.

Let a flood through the valley. Hold on tight but if you dare speak I'm letting go. In a crippling silence. Leave us there to flow back and forth and away. I hate what its become. At home with my thoughts, alone with my faults.

Everyday I breathe you want to talk about the fate of the world

Your words are only as cheap as you are. If ever I forget take my tongue and teach it better. Cleanse me of these waters of who I've become when I can't find the answers in setting suns.

From the very beginning we give in. (We give in)
From the very beginning we give in to the life of someone else.
Looking for grace, but forgetting our names.

If you can't find the answers in setting suns. I advise to try and make time to be there.
Track Name: Daydreamers
These dreams are what we have to build on. What we have come to know. Our minds have been ravaged. These voices have echoed so many times. Controlling who we are and how we get by.

The road seems long as ever. As we grow restless to escape this place. As I remember I have everything I've ever wanted. Its everything didn't want for me. All I wanted is someone who believes in me.

We are daydreamers, with aspirations that touch the sky.
We are daydreamers, now I know this is where we lie.

We may be blind but we can see what we were meant to be. All I know is that this means so much to me.

Tired hands and waking eyes will tell the story of how we lived our lives. As I fall in my final days, these are the memories that will never fade away.
Track Name: Orphaned
I can't believe that life turned its back on me
Fighting the struggle, the struggle with fear
Of being reduced to nothing

Separation of who we are, an orphan to this world
Separation of all we know, I am an orphan to myself
Forgotten by those who mattered most
We live and die (we live and die) by the sword

These sleepless nights haunt me
As I count the stars, they cease to shine
Its always darkest, right before the dawn
The stars still never shine

Searching for an answer that may never come
I have to find it for myself
An answer some search a lifetime for
I know it starts with me

Its hard to rely on yourself when you don't believe in yourself

You said you would never die
But you have just left me behind

The path begins with me finding my way back home
The path has begun to send me on my way
The path has begun (to send me home)
Track Name: Keeping Peace
I know who I am and that's the start of the problem. Shifting Focus to the things that have no meaning to the way I talk, to the way I live. Precious time spent trying to differentiate myself from those I stand near. Attacking things that are very well left behind.

I call a truce in all directions. Living doesn't change until you pick apart what truly ails life. I said I served my purpose. I'm a liar. I struggle with the weight, it pulls me down.

Don't push your weight on me
Don't push your weight on me
Your judgement comes from nothing but your own pride

I don't know what we were thinking. We grow older. Set aside all the things that don't matter and open the floodgates of mercy.

Maybe we are all the same
Maybe we're closer than brothers
Maybe we all fall to circumstance

Confront what you hate on the inside. And may you find purpose.
Track Name: Post-Abandoned
Its been years since the signals ceased. Crazy to think a warm body would be all I'd want to hold on to before the blackout.

I sing too many songs of struggle. So let me take this time to talk of those around you. I don't have anything that makes me different from anyone. Despite times I need words to keep my hands at bay we are all deserving.

We are all deserving of each others time and care. My many failures a reminder. We are deserving of each others time. We are deserving of life and death.

I can't be any closer.
I'm constantly finding sense in what I believe.
I'm still on a path to redemption.
Track Name: Madison
On impulse of a weaker man. Always claiming heroes as cowards. I've held my fair share of turning my back to the wind. of turning my back.

How it feels to have that thorn in your side. Watching what you call just a feeling unfold. Watching just a feeling unfold. Ears pinned, pinned back.

Far into the inner workings of uncertainty. Finding understanding only through the questioning of things were constantly told to accept. With or without question step on.

How can I truly have armor if you give me no defense?
How can I truly have armor when you gave me no defense?
Track Name: Kicking and Screaming
In a telltale mind. Sometimes it takes every ounce of my strength to pick up this pen. Nothing like experience to kill our hope. The things that we could say would scorch the earth, but they wont mean a single thing to you.

I clenched my fist, the anger was there but the fight wouldn't come. Its suffocation even when you're not breathing. Someone please take on the fight. I have no hate, save for my apathy.

I hope the path you take doesn't lose you. We never used to use the words love and hate, and now it seems that is all we are made of. I swore I would never forgive this.

Tears are shed but moving on sheds so much more. Its like putting your mind against broken glass. With the crushing reality of time it leaves us faithless, but not hopeless.

And we are still left behind the eyes of a shape that goes un-flaunted. Our lives will always fall on deaf ears. Despite the times it will not leave us hopeless.

And we are still.